Talent Spotlight

P.C. Denofrio


Poet P.C. Denofrio is bringing back poetry nights to Hidden Pearl's new space. Fostering a microcosm of talent and artistry Hidden Pearl Coffee invited you to delve into the depths of your own artistic espression, and bring your acts to the stage. Join the poet and host with your guitar or kazoo, for an evening of magical expressions.

Joe Floress


Joe Floress is a coffee and espresso drink lover, his favorite drink is the Cortado. He likes his coffee with cream and no sugar, medium roast preferably but enjoys coffee and espresso drinks of any kind. Joe is also a musician of many talents, he is a multi-instrumentalist in a local band and plays often with others. He’s a big fan of Jazz and Psychedelic Rock. When he is not playing music in bands he likes to record at home in his home studio and read books about music. He has some background in acting, enjoys poetry, and would like to start painting soon. “You can talk music to me anytime, I have a lot to say about it."