Why the Arts?

From the beginning, Hidden Pearl Coffee always envisioned entertainment and art being a focal part of the business, it took up a big portion of the original business plan. Finally, after years of trying to find the right space and the best way to implement our ideas, we came up with “Talent Gallery”.  

While this space will primarily focus on Comedy, the vision for the space and the coffee shop is to continue to be open to all ages while offering a large variety of events. Poetry nights, art gallery events, open mic nights, stage productions, various workshops and community awareness events will continue to be an important element for our space. 

Weekends will bring premiere comics from around the country, with and local talent mixed-in as well. We can’t guarantee you won’t be offended, but we know you’ll laugh. We will feature clean-comedy shows, traditional stand-up comedy and everything in between.

For the many hours that the space is not being used we will have it available for parties and any other events our patrons create with us.

1250 N. Green Street.McHenry, IL 60050



-Hidden Pearl Coffee!